Telegram Open Network: ICO Details and Token Price Leak

Telegram, the popular social messaging application has been planning to launch it’s own cryptocurrency soon. There have been various hints and rumors that surrounded the Telegram ICO launch – but today, we have a more concrete reports regarding the plans for the launch as well as the token price for the upcoming Telegram ICO.

Cryptovest.com claims that their sources have revealed a roadmap for the growth of this cryptocurrency. Shown below, the roadmap tells us that the development of this Telegram Open Network’s cryptocurrency, Gram, has been going on since the second quarter of 2017. The roadmap claims that the development of a stable network, as well as the launch of the Telegram wallet will all take place in 2018. The source has revealed that the Telegram ICO will launch in March 2018.

Leaked roadmap of Telegram Open Network | Image: Cryptovest

More information on the Gram cryptocurrency from the same source indicates that the token supply will be in multiple Billions. Upon launch, each ‘Gram’ will be priced in at $1.20. Moreover, Telegram is planning on introducing various other services such as a wallet, a decentralized DNS, an exchange, VPN as well as support for decentralized applications.

More details on the Telegram Open Network were revealed in a leaked video – which gives us a fairly good idea about where Telegram stands now and what the company’s plans for the future are. Moreover, the video also talks about how the Telegram Open Network would function.

The TON is based on a multi-blockchain architecture. When the blockchain gets too big, it automatically splits into two. It is fast, supports smart contracts and very flexible. The blockchain can easily accommodate billions of users. In 2018, the company plans to bring all 200 million Telegram users to TON.

Interestingly, this is not the first time a social media application is releasing their cryptocurrency. In the past, similar attempts have been made by Kik as it managed to raised $100 Million upon launch. Signal, too is planning to release a ‘MobileCoin’ in the near future.

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