Stellar (XLM) Shows More Reasons for a Bright Future

The Stellar project has made a claim to fame, with the most prominent position among assets set to build ICO platforms.

The end of January seems like a good time for Stellar (XLM), as the price has not stopped growing despite setbacks in the market. As the mood for both Bitcoin and most of the altcoins remains heavy, XLM seems to be having a run up from recent lows.

And while XLM can quickly wipe out the gains, the asset has achieved a prominent position on CoinMarketCap, and may see renewed interest in the next few days.

.@StellarOrg’s 2018 Technical Roadmap is out now: SDEX and Lightning Network 

2018 Stellar Roadmap – Stellar

Hello and welcome. First of all, before we dig into our strategic goals for the upcoming year, I want to […]

The big news behind Stellar’s recent rise is the technical roadmap for 2018. And yet, the real force behind Stellar is the grass-roots popularization. XLM is becoming one of the coins “famous for being famous”, mentioned more on social networks.

According to the team, this seemingly unrelated chatter signals an inflection point of popularity, which may also lead to more active trading and adoption. As a somehow tongue-in-cheek quick calculation of the popularity of XLM, the team believes that:

“Our internal projections, based on the most recent data, estimate that by quarter’s end all mankind will stride up to Stellar, take a wide stance, and ask us what we think about RaiBlocks.”

But the real work happening for the Stellar project would be the decentralized exchange, SDEX, which relies on a team of skilled developers to add new assets and increase trading.

The team also promised to work on better popularization, since the platform remains somehow counter-intuitive. While Stellar has the potential of Ethereum, and some similarities when it comes to decentralized computing and ICOs, it lags behind in popularity. At the same time, the previously active WAVES platform, carrying a larger number of tokens, has been hidden from sight due to much lower market capitalization.

The other big goal for Stellar would be an implementation of the Lightning Network, a feature until now mostly paired with Bitcoin and several other assets. But the Stellar team believes this move would ensure more scaling and speed.

All of those goals would happen gradually in 2018, and since a year is a long time, the XLM price may fluctuate, especially given the still relatively thin trading volumes. However, XLM may remain one of the choice digital assets for 2018.

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