Dash Price Analysis: Uncertainty Stalls Growth

Dash is one of the most popular cryptocurrency choices for those trading or investing in the markets. Dash is a high value currency and the last three months have shown that it has a tremendous potential to grow. Dash peaked in mid-December when it hit the $1600 mark. It has since been on a gradual decline – but there have also been a number of uptrends in between.

The last week was particularly interesting as Dash witnessed a fluctuation of nearly $200. The currency began the week at $881 and reached a low of $692. However, this drop in the prices was due to the fact that the entire cryptocurrency market had slowed down and almost all currencies were facing a fall in the price.

However, the prices of the cryptocurrency have now started to rise again. Dash, which hit the week’s low of $692 is, as of this writing, trading at a price of $784. There have been a large number of fluctuations in the prices of Dash and a major uncertainty shrouds the movement of the currency. For instance take a look at this graph below:

A look at the price movement of Dash | Image: Tradingview

Dash is perhaps one of those rare coins in the markets where uncertainty is so high. As of this writing, the coin can take any path. It has proven to show a great potential for a stable growth in the past. However, if it begins to enter a downward trend, Dash can fall up to $400 – when it gets trapped in a free fall.

However, if Dash does reach the $400 mark eventually – this can prove as a convenient point of entrance for new investors and market bulls who can help drive another strong growth similar to the one which took place back in November when the cryptocurrency first entered a growth rally.

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